Exercise success messages

Write insightful success messages that not only encourage students, but build their data fluency.

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I’m struggling to write a “good” success message. I don’t know what to say beyond “well done.” Help!


A good success message is not necessarily an easy thing to write. We do understand this. That said, one of the goals of DataCamp is to develop data fluency in our students, and we use success messages to achieve this goal. A good success message does not focus on praise but instead provides insight. This insight may be specific to the data; if the exercise elucidated something in the dataset that wasn’t clear before, point it out! DataCamp students are interested in the datasets we choose for our courses, so use the success message to get students invested in the data. If there are no clear insights revealed in the exercise, focus on the code; what did the code taught in this exercise do that was useful? What next steps follow naturally from this type of manipulation? A heuristic you can follow when writing your success messages is "short praise, deep insight."

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