You will need to follow DataCamp's content guidelines when creating practice to ensure your practice pool is consistent with other DataCamp products. Here are the recommended guidelines:

A good mix

We believe that our students practice best when the exercises are challenging and diverse. To that end, we encourage you to ensure a good mix of various exercise types in each chapter. Here's the mix we propose:

  • MultipleChoiceChallenges < 25%
  • OutputChallenges < 35%
  • BlanksChallenges ≥ 40%

To better understand the difference between these exercises, take a look at the Practice exercise anatomy. For more detailed information on each of the exercise types and their possible applications, go to the dedicated articles: MultipleChoiceChallenges, OutputChallenges and BlanksChallenges.

Keep it concise


  • limit number of characters per line to 50
  • limit number of lines to 5
  • only the last line of code should generate an output


  • limit number of characters per line to 50
  • limit number of lines to 5
  • limit length of distractors to 9
  • distractors should be atomic (see the Good versus Bad examples below)


- 'lapply'
- 'my_var'
- '"a single string"'
- '('
- '['


- 'lapply(X, FUN)'
- 'c("a", "b", "c")'
- '<- ('

Final note

These content guidelines go hand in hand with our style guidelines, which you can find here. It's good practice to review your practice exercises for these guidelines before submitting them for review by DataCamp.

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