Our products:

  • Courses: Exercise-based desktop course for learning new concepts. DataCamp's core product.
  • Practice: Short-series of coding questions/challenges to help reinforce techniques taught in courses.
  • Projects: A Jupyter Notebook-based project where students can apply their skills to real-world problems.
  • Mobile: Our mobile application, which hosts both mobile courses and Daily Practice.
  • Community: Home to DataCamp's free products including tutorials, cheat sheets, and open courses.
  • DataFramed: Our podcast, presented by Hugo Bowne-Anderson.
  • DataCamp for Business: Our business product to help employers/employees level up their data science skills.
  • DataCamp for the Classroom: Free access to all DataCamp content for academic groups.

Our interfaces:

  • Campus: Our learning interface for desktop products.
  • Teach: Our content authoring application.

Our teams & roles:

  • CM: Curriculum Manager. A member of the Content team responsible for curriculum planning and supporting instructors throughout course design.
  • CD: Content Developer. A member of the Content team responsible for supporting instructors throughout course implementation.
  • CQA: Content Quality Analyst. A member of the Content team that supports instructors with course maintenance.
  • CE: Content Engineer. A member of the Content team responsible for developing the SCT packages that provide students with tailored feedback.

Our students:

  • Student: All DataCamp users.
  • Registered student: Someone who has registered on DataCamp, but is not a paying subscriber.
  • Subscriber: A DataCamp student with a paid subscription.


  • SCT: Submission Correctness Test. A test inside an exercise to check that the student got the correct answer.
  • PEC: Pre-exercise code. Code that runs at the beginning of a DataCamp session, which supports the exercise code.
  • Rev-share: Royalties for instructors, paid when students complete their course or project.
  • Course badge: A graphic we create specifically for your course.

The course badge for Experimental Design in R.

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