Create a video exercise and modify the title slide

The first step to creating slides in the course editor is to create a video exercise. A video exercise begins with a title slide and final slide, which are created for you automatically.

Add a new slide with code and an image

You can add a new slide via the editor menu, then populate it using standard markdown syntax. In this video, we'll show you how to add a code chunk and an image.

Add animations to the slide

Once you've created a slide and added some content to it, you may want to add some simple animations to control the order in which items appear.

Remove transition to next slide

Normally, you'll want to keep the default transition between slides, but there are cases when this won't be true. For example, if you'd like to add an arrow to an image (as shown in this video), you'll need two slides—one with the original image and a second with the image including the arrow. 

To simulate adding the arrow to the image seamlessly with no slide transition, you can disable with "smooth transition" option.

Review and put it all together

In this video, we combine everything together and show the final result.

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