Your DataCamp bio is probably more important than you think. Your DataCamp bio not only provides students with an idea of why you're teaching this course (e.g., you're an expert in the field, you wrote the package, etc.), but it also gives the student an idea of the "flavor" of the course. If the bio is fun and interesting, then maybe the course is fun and interesting. If the bio is boring, then perhaps the course is boring. After all, the same person wrote the bio and the course, right? This is a marketing opportunity for you, take it and run with it! Lastly, bios are required to launch your course, so make sure to add one if you haven't already!

Bio tips:

Things to include:

  • Your professional interests
  • Your Twitter handle
  • Your data science blog
  • Fun facts, personal or professional (keep it light!)

Things to (maybe not) include:

  • Your LinkedIn handle
  • Your personal blog

Beware: since your DataCamp bio is not part of our course interface, Markdown is not supported, so when adding web pages you'll need to use HTML  for your hyperlink. Here's how:

# Basic HTML hyperlink syntax
<a href="URL">link text</a>

# Here is an example
<a href="">DataCamp</a>
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