Submitting a project idea is the second step in the project creation process, after applying online. Submitting a project idea is done through a Google Form that will be sent to you after you apply online. The content of the form is as follows:

  • Email address
  • Full name
  • Which technology will your project cover? Python, R, or SQL.
  • Which industry does your dataset correspond to? You may choose more than one industry. Options include: Finance, Healthcare, Government, Technology, Insurance, Education, Manufacturing, Science, Energy and resources, Other.
  • Dataset description. Please write one to three sentences describing the dataset and the file type. Example: "A CSV file that contains anonymized patient blood sugar level data."
  • Dataset size. Please enter the approximate size of the dataset in MB or GB. Example: “300 MB."
  • Link to dataset(s). If applicable to your project, please attach the dataset(s) you intend to use in your project. The maximum file size for this form is 10 MB. You may need to a subset of the dataset.
  • Overview of project tasks. Please write a comma-separated list of tasks the students will perform in the project. Example: "Import data, clean data, visualize data."
  • Packages used. If applicable, please enter the packages used in the project. Example:  "pandas and Seaborn" or "dplyr and ggplot2."
  • Project materials. Please upload any materials that you have developed that are related to your project topic. This can include scratch code, blog posts, etc. The maximum file size for this form is 10 MB.

DataCamp projects can be categorized into two components: the type of dataset (the “industry” of the project) and the data science subjects covered. Projects covering desired industries and subjects are more likely to be accepted. Instructors are encouraged to inspect DataCamp's wish list and then fill out the form.

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