After signing a contract to create your project, instructors are set up with a private GitHub repo in the DataCamp GitHub organization. The structure of this repo must contain specific files with specific names, otherwise, the project will not build successfully, and it won’t display on

A master branch and a develop branch exist in the repo. The develop  branch is where instructors develop the project until it is ready for release. Instructors are not to make changes to the master branch.

The relevant files/folders in the project repo are:

  • project.ipynb : The file that will hold the final project.

  • audition.ipynb : The audition document, if one was submitted, which contains the first draft of the @context  and @solution  code for the first three tasks of the project.

  • project.yml: The metadata for the project. The project title, project description, etc.

  • img/ : The folder where images go.

  • datasets/: The folder where datasets go.

  • This contains links to the project dashboard, where you can check to see what the rendered project would look like on This dashboard also has guideline checks (e.g., warnings saying cell-specific character counts are exceeded, etc.) that will appear after content is pushed to GitHub. This also contains a link to your Asana project.

  •  or requirements.R: The file where packages are installed. If this file isn't complete, you will run into errors when running code in your project on These errors are also reported in the project dashboard.

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