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We believe that students learn best when their hands are on the keyboard, writing code, working with data, and solving problems. Consequently, our courses consist of short 3 to 4-minute videos separated by interactive coding exercises. Videos are intended to teach students the concepts necessary to solve the exercises that follow. A course is intended to cover a similar amount of material as a 4-hour workshop.

Courses consist of:

  • Four chapters

  • 12-15 lessons

  • 44-60 exercises (including videos)

Chapters consist of:

  • 3-4 lessons

  • 8-12 exercises (Chapter 1 only)

  • 10-16 exercises (Chapters 2-4)

Lessons consist of:

  • One video followed by 2-4 exercises

  • We think of a lesson as the basic unit of a course. A lesson must have a clear learning objective that is laid out in the video and applied in the exercises.

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