A project is an exciting content format on DataCamp that allows students to apply the skills they learned in courses to an end-to-end, real-world data analysis. A project consists of a Jupyter notebook that contains an analysis/case study/etc., but with some or all of the code removed. It is up to the student to complete the project, with the help of instructions and hints.

Guided and Unguided Projects

As of Fall 2020, we have introduced a new type of project, Unguided Projects, that caters more to intermediate and advanced learners. This means there are now two types of projects:

  • Guided Project: the original type of project where students follow step-by-step tasks to solve real-world problems.

  • Unguided Project: students solve open-ended data science problems without step-by-step tasks. If they get stuck, they can follow a live code-along video to see how our expert instructor finds one of the many possible solutions.

Refer to this article to learn more about the difference between the two types.

Overview of Projects Documentation

For detailed information on the project creation process, see the full DataCamp projects article collection.

To understand how projects work and what to expect during and after development, here are good articles to start with:

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