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Learn why DataCamp is moving away from building only video courses.

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You are probably familiar with DataCamp courses featuring videos of instructors speaking alongside their slides. While many people, students and instructors alike, enjoy this approach, we've found that video courses are significantly more challenging to maintain. The data science world moves fast, and we need to keep up in order to ensure our curriculum remains relevant. Packages get updated, functions get deprecated, and data science workflows evolve. For these reasons, several of our video courses have already gone out of date, and we have decided to move towards building more audio courses.

Here are the advantages of audio courses:

  • They are easier to create. You can record the course from home in your own time.

  • They are easier to maintain. You can update slides, scripts, and recordings from anywhere to ensure your course remains cutting-edge. 

  • You get to keep the Blue Yeti microphone that we will ship to you!

  • Your course will likely stay on DataCamp for longer, and you will make more money.

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