Who are DataCamp students?

Find out more about DataCamp student demographics to help you build your DataCamp content.

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Every month we send out a survey to our students. This survey asks students about their data science interests as well as tracking student demographics. This allows us to grow our course library in a way that addresses both our students desires and their needs. So who are DataCamp students and why are they using DataCamp?


  • ~60 Working professionals

  • ~23% Students

  • ~10% Academics

  • ~7% Other


  • ~50% Career advancement

  • ~30% Career change

  • ~20% Other


  • 45% US

  • 27% Europe

  • 6% India

  • 22% Rest of world

Month after month we find that the majority of our students are working professionals and that most DataCamp students are looking to advance their career. This means that courses should be addressing these students. Keep this in mind when building out your course or project to ensure that you create content that will return revenue for you.

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