DataCamp's affiliate program lets you get paid for advertising for us. We are excited to have you promote our wonderful learning experience.

How the DataCamp Affiliate program works:

  • Anyone that clicks your affiliate link and buys a subscription within 45 days, you get credit for it
  • 30% of a yearly subscription
  • 100% of the first month of a monthly subscription

Getting Started:

DataCamp uses an affiliate program called Tapfiliate. Click on this link and submit the form to get your affiliate link for DataCamp. You will then have to wait to be approved. 

Once approved you will be given a personal Tapfiliate code. This code is added at the end of any DataCamp URL posted on your website.

Example: and

Vendor Setup:

Once you have signed up on Tapfiliate and been approved, you will need to fill out the following documents to receive compensation. These forms need to be completed and sent to and cc


You can download the invoice from Tapfiliate, or generate one yourself, and send it to and cc

Please send an invoice at most once per month, with your name, the invoice number (starting from 001 and going up), and the date.

Best Practices:

Add your affiliate link on your page in text form (this works best in our experience) as opposed to an image.

Below is an example blurb that would work well. We encourage you to write about your own experience using DataCamp. 


“This skill is taught excellently in DataCamp’s Spreadsheet Basics course. DataCamp offers over 200+ courses by expert instructors on topics such as importing data, data visualization, and machine learning. You learn faster through DataCamp's immediate and personalized feedback on every exercise.”

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