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DataCamp Affiliate Program
DataCamp Affiliate Program

Sign up for DataCamp's Affiliate Program and get paid for clicks!

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The skills that people and businesses need to succeed are changing. With DataCamp’s modern learning experience, learn data science today and apply it tomorrow. Help others build their skills while growing your own following.

How the DataCamp Affiliate Program works:

  • You get credit for anyone who clicks your affiliate link and subscribes within 45 days

  • 30% of a yearly subscription

  • 100% of the first month of a monthly subscription

Getting Started:

DataCamp uses an affiliate platform called Impact – joining is fast, easy, and free. Please submit an application to be considered for an affiliate link and you will be notified of your application status within 72 hours.

Once you are approved, you will be sent an active affiliate link, best practices, and vendor setup for you to receive payment.

We are excited to have you join our Affiliate Program and help us democratize data science for all!

If you have any questions, opportunities, or need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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