Curriculum Managers

Learn the role that Curriculum Managers, or CMs, play in creating DataCamp courses.

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Once a contract is signed and onboarded with the help of one of our Instructor Recruiters, instructors are handed off to one of our Curriculum Managers (CM). The CM's primary responsibility is to work closely with instructors to create detailed specifications for new courses. The initial planning phase, if you will. They train instructors on our state-of-the-art authoring tools and best practices, as well as set and hold instructors accountable for deliverable deadlines. A typical day for a CM is filled with check-ins with instructors as they manage 15-20 courses at a time.

A CM also owns the data science curriculum roadmap for their portion of the curriculum (Python, R, SQL, Spreadsheets, etc.) and uses internal and external data to make informed curriculum decisions.

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