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Content Developers

Learn the role that Content Developers, or CDs, play in creating DataCamp courses.

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A Content Developer (CD) will work with you from handoff to launch.

What do CDs do?

  • Review and provide feedback (via GitHub issues) on your course design prior to handoff.

  • Review and provide feedback (via GitHub issues) on your content throughout development.

  • Write the Submission Correctness Tests (SCTs) for your exercises.

  • Hold you accountable to meeting DataCamp's content guidelines and content deadlines so that your course launches on time and is of the highest possible quality.

What do CDs not do?

A Content Developer is your guide throughout course development, not your assistant. It is your responsibility to debug your code, format your slides, and edit your content. 

Your Content Developer will provide high-quality feedback on the content you create to ensure it meets our guidelines, that the material is efficiently conveyed, and that you stay on track with the course development schedule.

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