Learn about the handoff process that happens when course design is complete, and it's time to begin course development.

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Once you complete all steps in the course design process, your course specifications are reviewed by a member of our Content Development team.

Content Developer (CD) review

  1. A CD reviews the design and suggests changes/improvements, providing feedback in a GitHub issue.

  2. The instructor works with the Curriculum Manager (CM) to make necessary revisions.

  3. CD reviews and approves specifications (or requests further changes, if necessary). There should be no more than 2 rounds of feedback.

The goal of this review process to ensure that the course vision has been achieved and that the vision between all parties is unified.
Once the course design has been approved, your course is handed off from a Curriculum Manager (CM) to a Content Developer (CD) to begin course development, where you will bring your ideas to life using DataCamp's course editor, Teach, which you learn how to use during course design. This handoff happens over an official handoff call, which is a milestone for successful course design.

Handoff call

  1. CM, CD, and instructor have an introductory call.

  2. CD manages course development going forward and becomes the instructor's point of contact.

Criteria for handoff

A course will not be handed off if any items on the course design rubric have not been completed. This includes missing datasets and technical issues.

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