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Course Creation Process
Course Creation Process

A brief introduction to how we create courses at DataCamp.

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Before we begin content development, we'd like to take the time to introduce you to our process to ensure that your DataCamp experience and your content are as successful and enjoyable as possible.


The Course Creation at DataCamp course is designed to help you become a great DataCamp instructor by understanding:

  • How to design great content (i.e., our content guidelines)

  • What the process entails (i.e., design vs. implementation)

  • How to do it (i.e., our authoring tool)

The content creation process is divided into 5 phases:

Curriculum Planning

In this phase, we create a high-level curriculum roadmap outlining what topics and technologies we want to teach in a given timeframe.

Instructor Acquisition

Once we have the curriculum roadmap prioritized, we identify and partner with the best data science instructors in the world to help us build that content.

Course Design

Once we find the best instructors, we work closely with them to create a detailed blueprint for each course, project, etc.

Content Development

Once the design is ready, we support instructors throughout the content development (implementation) process, from blueprint to launch.

Content Maintenance

After content is launched, we work closely with our instructors to optimize content and improve our approach over time by using all available user data and feedback.

Who will I be working with?

During course creation, you will interact with the following people at DataCamp:

  • The Curriculum Manager (CM) at DataCamp who will work with the instructor during the course design phase.

  • The Content Developer (CD) at DataCamp who will help the instructor write exercises, slides, and other content.

If you are interested in learning about each of the steps within the course creation process, click the following to view the DataCamp Courses article Collection.

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