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Marketing your content
Marketing your content
How does DataCamp advertise your course at hard launch? And how can you spread the word?
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To help our Marketing team promote your course, you will need to fill out DataCamp's Course Launch Marketing Form. For this form, have the README in your GitHub repo open and ready to go, as much of what you've already written will help. You'll also need to have some nice visuals from your course as marketing campaigns usually bring in more new students if they have interesting images.

In addition to our marketing campaigns, make sure to toot your own horn! Download our Instructor Marketing Kit to get ideas on how to perform a bit of shameless self-promotion. This kit will help you learn about using social media to increase the traffic on your course.

If you have questions about marketing, you can contact our Marketers by commenting on your Asana project in the "Complete Content Launch marketing form" task.

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