I'm building a spreadsheets course, but I'm not entirely sure what the Golden Copy is or what should be in it.

The Golden Copy is the first sheet that appears in the scaffolded workbook each time a new workbook is added to the spreadsheets authoring page. It contains the data you'll be using throughout the exercises in a particular workbook, and it provides a baseline for the way the data will appear to the students at the beginning of the exercise. 

The data that appears at the beginning of the exercise will be formatted the same way that it is formatted in the Golden Copy, although additional levels of formatting can be added on through the Sample Sheet. Even complex features, like conditional formatting, are preserved through the Golden Copy. This provides a better experience for the student as they transition between exercises in the same workbook, using the same Golden Copy. Please see the link below for more information about the difference in formatting between the Golden Copy and Solution Sheet.

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