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Becoming a repeat course instructor
Becoming a repeat course instructor

How to create additional courses on DataCamp

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So, you successfully launched your first DataCamp course and want to build more. Excellent! Before committing to build another course, it is important to make sure that your first course is as high-quality as possible and that you have the time available to work on another course. We have the following minimum requirements to ensure that both criteria are met:

  • Rating: Your first course has an average course rating greater than 4.5 and it has been greater than 1 month since it was hard launched. This shows us that you understand our guidelines and what it takes to build a great DataCamp course. If you want to improve your course rating, read this article on how you can maintain your course.

  • Timeline: Your first course launched within the timeline you agreed to with your Content Developer. This shows us that you understand the time commitment required to build a course and respect the importance of meeting deadlines. 

We want you to build more courses with us! The course creation process tends to be much shorter and more efficient as repeat instructors understand all of the tools and processes. If the above requirements are met, a member of our Curriculum Team will reach out to you about possibilities to collaborate on future courses.

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