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How to Apply and Audition to Create a DataCamp Course
How to Apply and Audition to Create a DataCamp Course

Get an overview of the application process for DataCamp Course Instructors

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DataCamp instructors are subject matter experts with a passion for teaching, excellent communication skills, and a strong network of their own. If someone in the community fits this profile, it is the Instructor Recruiter's job to make sure they know who we are and why they should consider working with us. If their skills align with our current curriculum goals, an Instructor Recruiter invites them to apply for an instructor role, leads them through the application process, and assesses their application alongside our Curriculum Managers. 


  1. We first ask you to submit an application via this link. That way, we'll store your information on file. 

  2. As part of this step, you'll also be asked to choose a course you feel comfortable and excited teaching from our wishlist

COURSE OUTLINE - potential instructors then submit a proposed course outline for the course they'd like to teach via a Google form. Please keep in mind we have a 550-word maximum for Scripts. All Audition material is included in this 550-word limit.

  1. Complete this Google Form here.

  2. Review the following article to learn more about creating a Course outline.

SCREENCAST - If the course outline is approved, we ask that potential instructors to do a quick 3-5 minute screencast presentation (similar to what is seen in our courses) going over one of the concepts/topics they will cover in their course. This way, they get a sense of the process and format of our courses and we can gauge their teaching and presentation skills.

  1. Click on ‘add exercise’. Choose a ‘video exercise’ to add. You will use this functionality to create your 3-5 minute screencast. Here are some sample video exercises. Note how these courses use code and output while motivating the ideas as well.

CONTRACT - Once reviewed and approved, we will issue you a new contract and start the design process.

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