Upon launch of their project, a DataCamp instructor receives US$1,000 in prepaid royalties as an upfront benefit to completing the project creation process.

At the end of every quarter, revenue share is calculated based on the following formula:

(Minimum of (Subscription Amount x (Royalty Rate OR Royalty Cap)) x Scaling Factor x Number of Completions

  • Royalty Rate: 5%
  • Royalty Cap: $3
  • Scaling Factor: 1
  • Subscription Amount: this amount is variable since the price any individual student pays for DataCamp varies

Once the prepaid royalty balance is exhausted, instructors will be paid out revenue share within two weeks of the end of every quarter. Up to a few thousand dollars a year is the rough estimate for monetary compensation for 10-24 hours of project creation time.

Over time, DataCamp continuously reviews project completions and revenue share, and makes adjustments as needed to ensure it is financially interesting for instructors to develop projects with us.

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