What do the different '# of Completions' mean in the Content Quality (CQ) dashboard? There's course completions, exercise completions, and the graph of number of completions, and I'm not sure what the differences are.


Like most things on the dashboard, '# of completions' changes with the Time Period selector in the sidebar. The default view is to show all of the students who have completed the course or exercise in the last 8 weeks, but you can change that by choosing a different time period.

The largest source of confusion is that total course completion numbers may not match individual exercise completion numbers. Exercise completions can be found by clicking an exercise and looking below. So, for this last exercise in 'Data Types for Data Science', you can see that in the last 8 weeks, 167 students have finished the entire course, but 227 completed only the final exercise itself. These numbers don't and will not match, because students often jump around throughout a course, which is part of why the '# of completions' graph is never smooth. 

Some students may have finished all of the rest of the course except that final exercise, then came and finished it, so they'd count towards the 167 course completions and the 227 exercise completions. However, some others may have skipped ahead and watched that last video without finishing the course, counting only in the 227 exercise completions. We don't display things on that level of detail in the dashboard, as it would get very confusing very fast!

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