Your student has completed all the video and interactive exercises in your course, what now? Create a quick wrap-up video, less than 200 words, that thanks and congratulates the student, summarizes the course, or provides next steps. Wrap-up videos also allow lots of room for you to be creative, so have fun!


You covered a lot in your course, and it's nice to remind your students of just how far they've come. Provide a quick chapter-by-chapter summary covering the key concepts, functions, and learning outcomes.


Perhaps your course presented many ways to approach a data science problem. Use your wrap-up video to provide a framework that brings everything they've learned together.


Provide students with the next steps. Perhaps some information was out of the scope of your course, and you know students will be interested to continue learning. Next steps can include tutorials, books, or another DataCamp course! If you have any specific DataCamp courses you would like to suggest, remember not to say them in the script (see Scripts: best practices), but you can add the course name to the slide, or ask your DataCamp point-of-contact to add the course's badge (as shown in the video below) to the slide.


Lastly, the wrap-up video provides the perfect opportunity to congratulate the student on their achievement and thank them for taking the course. They just put in a lot of work, and it's nice to recognize that.

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