Perhaps you've heard the rumors, and now it's finally here! Welcome the new slide design!!! 🎉  The new slide design not only has a pleasing new color scheme but some slick new features that allow more flexibility when designing video exercises as well. Read on to find out about the new features and how to implement them.

Full-width slides

Old slides:

New slides:

Enabling full-width slides is limited to admins only. To get full-width slides, contact your CD to request the creation of a new branch with full-width slides enabled.

Image resizing

You can now resize images IN THE EDITOR!!! Image resizing uses a specific Markdown syntax (see below) that requires you to scale the image to resize, i.e., the default image size is 100%, to reduce the image to 50% of its size, add  = 50  to the end of the image's URL within the Markdown. The spaces surrounding the equal sign are required.

![Alternative text](link_to_image = 50)

Code output formatting

Clearly and cleanly separate code input from code output using colored code blocks.

The following syntax highlighting achieves the above results. Notice in the second code block that python is replaced with out. The out formatting works with all technologies (Python, R, SQL, etc.).

# range(start,stop)
nums = range(0,11)
nums_list = list(nums)

[0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]

Note: Currently, a line break between the two code blocks is required to gain this functionality. 

Code zoom

So you're missing just a bit of content from your slide? Use the "code zoom" feature to decrease the font size of your code. Code zoom is located below the script field.

Warning: Use code zoom sparingly and conservatively. Using a code zoom below 80 can lead to very small font that will not be easily viewable on a 13" monitor (which our platform targets).

Optional title field

Do you need a bit more space on your slide? Is the slide title redundant information? Is content cut-off? Click on the "Hide title from slide" checkbox below the title field.



: To keep our products consistent, we will be converting all hard launched DataCamp courses to the new slide design in the coming months. Instructors with courses in Development and in soft launch are now required to switch to the new slide design prior to hard launch.

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