After you have picked a dataset for your practice pool and made sure that the dataset is not in the list of Datasets to avoid, follow the steps below to upload them to Teach Editor so you can use it for your exercises.

To upload dataset/s to Teach Editor:

  1. Open the Teach Editor for your Practice pool.
  2. Click on the Assets "paperclip" icon on the side navigation bar, this will take you to the Assets page.
  3. Click on the Browse button or drag the file(s) to the "Upload File" section.
  4. After file has been uploaded, this will be added to the "NOT USED" tab in the Assets page, and is now ready for you to use in your exercise!

To add and start using the dataset in your exercise:

  1.  Go to the Assets page by clicking on the "paperclip" icon.
  2.  Look-up the dataset you wish to use from either the USED tab (if you are reusing a dataset you have previously loaded) or NOT USED tab (if the dataset has not been used in any of the exercise in your Practice pool.
  3. Copy the link by clicking on the "chain-link" icon.
  4. Go to your code and paste the link where you would normally code the dataset name and path.
  5. When you save your exercise, you will notice the dataset is moved from the NOT USED to the USED tab.

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