The Content Dashboard shows you the "diffs", or differences, between the code that the student submitted and the code in the expected solution.

Here is an example from Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1).

  • White lines are the same in both the student submission and the solution.
  • Red lines are in the solution but not the student submission.
  • Green lines are in the student submission but not the solution.

In the example, the student incorrectly capitalized the word from  when importing the reduce()  function from the functools  module.

They also incorrectly specified a single argument (item ) to the lambda function, instead of two (item1  and item2 ).

Now that you know specific mistakes that students make, you can go back to the exercise and check that the instructions, hints, and code comments are clear enough to steer students away from this problem. The contents of each exercise are shown within the "View Course" pane of the dashboard.

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