As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible experience for our learners and provide them with the tools they need to learn data science, DataCamp has launched the Live Training Session program!

Live training sessions consist of an approximately 2.5-3 hour presentation and hands on coding activity on a data science topic such as: Introduction to Python for Spreadsheet Users, Visualization Data with ggplot2, etc. Sessions are held through GoToWebinar with one instructor and two teaching assistants to run the session logistics and operate the learner Q and A (including answering basic questions and collating questions for the Instructor to answer.)

The focus is on real world coding activities that will prepare learners to be “production ready”. Instructors should be prepared to walk learners through setting up the coding environment and through a series of coding activities. The session should complement existing DataCamp content and lead learners back to the platform for “next step” activities. (Note: the level of introductory set up may vary depending on the skill level of the intended audience.)

Live Training Sessions may be prepared for introductory, intermediate, or advanced level learners and should align with our Learner roles.

Instructor Will Provide:

Session marketing material:

  • The intended learner roles
  • 3-4 bullet point learning objectives for the session
  • What prerequisite skills or knowledge the learner should have (This can include DataCamp courses they should take)
  • What programs/accounts they will need to have installed before the session (gMail, Tableau Public, Rstudio, etc)
  • A short biography for the landing page and session introduction
  • This information will be developed in your Github .readme and submitted via the marketing form below. (Please note that you need to submit this form by the deadline on Asana, otherwise the session risks being delayed)

Session specs:

  • A detailed description of the technology, dataset, and target audience for the session.
  • Webinar outline.

Two Activity workbooks

  • One prepared for learners to work in
  • One solution file to be sent out afterwards

Presentation Slide Deck

  • This will introduce the activity context and why learners should be motivated to learn this topic
  • The slidedeck will also include a recap and additional resources
  • Additional resources may include reference materials, further recommended DataCamp courses, projects, practice, and tutorials

Further information on session material creation can be found here

DataCamp Will Provide:

  • Live Training onboarding, guidelines, session specs and examples
  • Guidance and support through content review from a dedicated DataCamp Content Developer and session logistical support from a Session TA
  • A landing page on our site for learners to register through
  • DataCamp will host the session using GoToWebinar and provide a TA to run the webinar and collect questions for Q and A sessions
  • Live Training Session marketing in the DataCamp newsletter and on social media
  • Templates and guidelines for session content
  • Registration and attendance reports post session. We will also handle sending the materials to all attendees post session

For more information on becoming a Live Training Instructor, please email [email protected].

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