The Day Before the Session

At this point, all of your materials (solution notebook, session workbook, and slidedeck) should be completed and submitted to your Content Developer.

The only things left to do are:

  1. Practice, practice, practice! Rehearse your opening remarks, your live training instructions, and your final recap. Review your code, and practice typing it out.
  2. Get a good night's sleep and prepare to shine!

The Day of the Session

The hard work is done and all that needs to be done now is just teach the session! Here’s a few tips we found that would make giving the session easier for you.

Last Minute Check-In

You will log in to the GoToWebinar 20-30 minutes ahead of time for a final check of the materials and preparation for the session

Check that all materials are complete, ready to go, and with proper share settings

  • Slidedeck (set settings to "anyone with a link can view")
  • Session workbook (make sure that any cells importing a package or dataset are running correctly)
  • Solution workbook (This will not be sent out until after the session)
  • Dataset (if needed)

Perform an audio/visual check, and set up your screens.

Dual Screen Setup

In order to allow you to do your best work while giving the live training, we recommend a dual-screen set up where:

  • Primary screen: (the only one being shared with learners) has the session notebook you are using for the live training, and the slidedeck
  • Secondary screen: the solution notebook to keep you guided and centered on what to teach next, as well as the Q&A document for the session for immediate access and communication with your TA

Distraction-Free Setup

To make the session as distraction-free as possible and to enable you to focus on delivering the session, we recommend the following steps:

  • Having a clean, decluttered desktop before logging into the session.
  • Turning off notifications on your workstation.
  • Having only live training relevant tabs open (slides, session notebook etc..) on the primary screen.

Have direct access to DataCamp TA during the session

The TA may need to notify you of an ongoing tech issue, such as loss of sound or visual, etc. They will communicate this to you via the Q and A doc, with any comments made highlighted in yellow.

You may also communicate via Slack (For external Instructors, please use the DataCamp Instructor Community Slack).

Session Agenda

Here is a quick overview of how the session will go:

  1. The TA will start the session by welcoming learners, posting the session links and instructions, and reviewing housekeeping (how to ask questions, etc)
  2. TA will then introduce, and hand off to Instructor
  3. TAs will monitor the GoToWebinar Control panel question box and copy them to the Q and A doc
  4. When wrapping up, Instructor should remind learners that the session has been recorded, and the recording and materials will be sent out in a few days
  5. When the session is done, the TA will end the session
  6. Celebrate! You did great!

Take Care of Yourself

  1. You are going to be talking for a long time - prepare plenty of water (more than you think you may need! Have 1-2 water bottles handy). Throat lozenges are another great idea.
  2. Be sure to have something to eat before your session.
  3. Remember - You are allowed to take breaks too! Feel free to step away for a few minutes at the start of a Q and A session to grab a snack, a drink of water, etc. (If you do this, please announce the length of time you will be stepping away for)

After The Session

The day after the session, you will receive an email after your session with summary statistics, a survey for feedback, and the link to the session recording. You may also request a full report of all questions submitted through the GoToWebinar question panel. Within 1-2 weeks, we will also send you the post-session survey responses submitted by learners who attended your session.

Please fill out the survey promptly, as your feedback is greatly appreciated in helping to further refine and develop the Live Training Session program.

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