Once your session topic, date, and time have been confirmed, you will receive an onboarding email from your session TA.

This will confirm your session title, reconfirm your scheduled date and time, as well as introduce you to your DataCamp staff point of contacts, and your session development tools.

You will work with:

  • Your TA, who will serve as your logistics coordinator. They will set up your session, and provide the onboarding materials. They will also serve as your day of session operator; providing the introduction, closing the session, and operating the Q and A doc.
  • Your Content Developer, who will oversee your Session content creation. This includes your outline, notebook, and slide deck. They are also available for any questions regarding your dataset and code.



GitHub is the quickest way and clearest way to get a content-related question answered. Furthermore, your GitHub repository will exist as long as your DataCamp Session, so if you need to refer to an old issue, it will always be there. Always include either an @mention or assign your CD to your issue. Also, make sure to watch your repo; if you do not visit GitHub regularly, set up e-mail notifications to ensure you do not miss any issues we send you.


Asana is the preferred tool for Session management questions or comments, e.g., you are concerned about a deadline, or need to move a meeting. These type of concerns affect deadlines, and therefore a track record of why a due date is changed should be reported in your Asana project in the respective task. Always flag your TA with an @mention in all of your Asana comments. Make sure you are receiving Asana notifications to ensure you don't miss any upcoming deadlines.


All deadlines can be found in your Asana project. Sticking to your deadlines will help the DataCamp staff stick to ours and keep your Session on track. If you have anything that may cause a delay in adhering to these deadlines, please let us know as soon as possible.

Incorporating feedback

All reviews will be posted to your GitHub repo. Each item with an associated checkbox is an action item that should be implemented before the next step in Session Development. Once the action item has been addressed, be sure to check it off. If you have a question, need further clarification, or would like to discuss the action item before implementing it, respond in the relevant GitHub issue and include an @mention to the CD that provided the review.

Marketing Form

You will also need to submit a marketing form outlining a few bullet points of what the session is about. This is to populate the landing page for the session, so no need to be extremely specific and what is taught. It is also recommended that you fill out the marketing form while completing the session specs in your Github .readme, as they contain similar information.

Note that you MUST submit this form by the deadline on Asana, otherwise the session risks being delayed. Proper marketing time must be given to ensure high registration/attendance rates.

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