Your code-along should happen a week after your unguided project is soft launched. The code-along is a live event that enables learners to follow the instructor of the project and to get a look into the thought process of a data scientist or data analyst.

The recording is then uploaded to the project as an additional means of support for later reference (and for those who don’t participate in the live event). A code-along typically lasts 30 to 60 minutes. A member of the DataCamp content team will serve as a TA to introduce and close the session.

A few days before the code-along

A few days before your code-along, you should:

  • Set up a meeting with the Instructor Success Manager to walk through the session logistics, as well as the webinar tool, GoToWebinar. This will be a task in your project’s Asana project, so refer to Asana for more details.

  • Review your solution code. Practice typing it out and verbally commenting on what you’re doing and why. We also encourage you to add commentary on alternative ways to solve the project. For each block of code, It may be useful to add code comments with your key speaking points.

  • Anticipate common mistakes or questions. To get some ideas, refer to the Content Dashboard and look through student feedback.

  • Prepare your opening remarks and your final recap. Each should be 1-2 minutes.

  • Test out your screen setup (see below).

  • Share the event on your LinkedIn/Twitter/etc

Screen Setup

In order to allow you to do your best work, we recommend a dual-screen set up:

  • Primary screen: (the only one being shared with learners) has the link to your project open.

  • Secondary screen: has the solution code to keep you guided and centered on what to teach next, as well as the Q&A document for the session for immediate access and communication with your TA. The Q&A document will be sent to you in advance.

To make the session as distraction-free as possible and to enable you to focus on delivering the session, we recommend having a clean, decluttered desktop before logging into the session and turning off notifications on your workstation.

Screen resize instructions:

So that learners have a good view of your coding in the notebook, we ask that you follow these screen resizing instructions for your primary screen:

  1. Bookmark a random page in your browser (can be anything), and add it to the bookmarks bar.

  2. Go to bookmarks manager and select the new random bookmark, and click ‘edit’

  3. Enter the code below as the link of the bookmark and rename the bookmark as “window resizer”:

Javascript: (function () {document.getElementsByTagName('iframe')[0].requestFullscreen()})();

Once in the DataCamp Project, set browser zoom to at least 100%. Then click the ‘window resizer’ bookmark. This will open just the notebook as the entire screen. You can exit fullscreen using esc and re-enter by clicking the bookmark again.

The day of the code-along

The hard work is done and all that needs to be done now is leading the session! You will log in to the GoToWebinar 10-15 minutes ahead of time for a final check of the materials, an audio/visual check, and screen setup. Remember to have a water bottle nearby!

Direct access to DataCamp TA during the session

The TA may need to notify you of an ongoing tech issue, such as loss of sound or visual, etc. They will communicate this to you via the Q&A doc, with any comments made highlighted in yellow.

Code-along agenda

Here is a quick overview of how the session will go:

1. The TA will start the session by welcoming learners, posting instructions on how to access the project, and reviewing housekeeping (how to ask questions, etc).

2. The TA will then introduce instructor and hand off to Instructor.

3. The instructor will work through the notebook.

  • Remember to speak slowly and clearly, and say aloud each piece of the code as it’s typed. This video will become the tutorial paired with the unguided project, so keep in mind future viewers.

  • Stay on the code at hand for as long as possible before moving down - try to avoid scrolling up and down too much.

  • Minimize the instructions pane after reviewing instructions at the beginning of the session.

  • TA will monitor the GoToWebinar Control panel question box and copy them to the Q&A doc for you.

4. The Q&A session will be at the end; user questions will be posted to the Q&A doc. You can choose to skip questions you are not comfortable answering, or address them as outside of the scope of today’s session, and direct to other resources

5. After all questions are done, TA will close the session and end the webinar.

6. Celebrate! You did great!

After the code-along

The day after the session, you will receive an email with summary statistics, a survey for feedback, and the link to the session recording. You may also request a full report of all questions submitted through the GoToWebinar question panel. Within 1-2 weeks, we will add a recording of the code-along to your project.

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