Make sure that you are in the subskill that you need to add an item to, then press “Add Challenge” (We currently share an interface with practice, which uses the term challenge instead of item).

From the menu select “Multiple Choice”.

You should then see something like this.

You only need to use the blocks “Assignment 1” and “Options 1”.

In “Assignment 1” you should include the context and stem. You should write this in markdown.

In “Options 1” you should include all of the options as a bulleted list. The key should be within square brackets. For example:

  • Option 1

  • Option 2

  • [Option 3]

Remember to use different positions for the key but keep in mind any logical or numerical ordering for options.

Multiple choice items allow you to use small amounts of code within the option, but you can’t create multiple line code blocks as options - if you feel you need to, are you using the right type of item?

You can use the “Preview” button in the bottom right corner to see how your item will look and test that it works as expected.

We recommend that you preview before saving. Once you save it will trigger a build that will fail if you haven’t resolved issues first. In general you can pick up issues in preview first.

Common Problems

If preview doesn’t work, or the build fails:

  • Have you remembered to put the key in square brackets? If there is no key defined the item will fail to build.

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