Once you have written the items as per the task allocated and you have reviewed them against the guidelines, you will need to create a pull request to submit for review.

For this you will need to go to the GitHub repo for the assessment. You will find a handy shortcut in the bottom left corner of teach.

Once in GitHub, navigate to the “Pull Requests” tab, and you should see a green “New pull request” button on the right.

Double check that you are requesting a merge from the right branch (the one you have been working on for this task) to the right branch (generally staging unless told otherwise) and then “Create pull request”.

In the pull request:

  • State the issue number that provides the details of the task you were allocated (e.g. #123)

  • Provide the link to expert review from the latest build. In the bottom left corner of teach you should see the build status. As long as it is green, click it and go to the build log. At the bottom of the build log you should see a line with the link to expert review (see screenshot below).

  • List the item keys and corresponding learning objectives for all items you have added. To find the item keys you will need to go to GitHub. From the “Code” tab, make sure you are viewing your branch and then navigate to the “Challenges” directory. Unlike in teach where you see subskill names, here you will see chapter numbers for the files. It should be clear from the history which you have been working on, but they are in the same order as you can see in teach. Find the item that you have added. Under the title you will see a code block that includes a field ‘key’. This is the item key. Don’t worry about the other fields, these will be added by the DataCamp team later.

Once you have added all of the relevant information, add an assignee. The reviewer will be added by DataCamp, but you first need to assign the pull request to the project manager.

Then you just need to press “Create pull request”. For now you are done, but the pull request may be allocated back to you after review.

As reviews may happen over a number of days, we ask that you wait until the task is assigned back to you before making any further changes to the items.

We are in the process of rolling out a pull request template for all pools that will include all of these points as reminders for you, but it may not yet have made it to the pool you are working on.

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