Submitting Items for Review

Submitting Assessment Items for Review

Written by Aimée Gott
Updated over a week ago
  • Submit a review by creating a pull request in GitHub

  • Once in GitHub, navigate to the “Pull Requests” tab, and you should see a green “New pull request” button on the right.

In the pull request:

  • State the issue number of the task you were allocated (e.g. #123)

  • Provide the link to expert review from the latest build.

    • In the bottom left corner of teach you should see the build status.

    • Click it and go to the build log.

    • At the bottom of the build log you should see a line with the link to expert review (see screenshot below).

  • List the item keys for all items you have added. You will find the Item Key at the top of the item, underneath where you added your Item Writer ID

Then you just need to press “Create pull request”, and we will take it from there!

We are in the process of rolling out a pull request template for all pools that will include all of these points as reminders for you, but it may not yet have made it to the pool you are working on.

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