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What Makes a BI course a Good Course?
What Makes a BI course a Good Course?


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Things to keep in mind while making a BI course:

  • Learning objectives are followed in each lesson.

  • The Ideal video is below 3-4 minutes, and its script contains less than 550 words. Please keep in mind we have a 550-word maximum for Scripts. All Audition material is included in this 550-word limit.

  • The demo (screencast) uses a different part of the dataset or another dataset than the remote desktop exercises.

  • Workbooks build on each other, so the learner does not need to open a new one.

    • Course: 1 continuous flow per chapter

    • Case study: 1 continuous flow for all chapters

  • The maximum amount of steps an exercise can have is 7 (6+1 question).

  • The exercise should be similar, but an exercise should never be a copy-paste of a demo screencast. Applying the same functions on a different dataset is considered a copy-paste. Instructors can create variation by:

    • Different dataset structure for exercises than the screencast

    • Include new functions or steps seen in previous lessons or prereq courses

    • Change the tasks (e.g., full outer join instead of inner join)

    • Put a focus on the business value

    • ..

  • An exercise cannot include a new concept not covered in one of the previous demo screencasts (or prerequisites).

  • A good exercise is similar to something that would happen in the real world.

  • Step hints should give away around 50-80% of the answer.

  • The final hint should give away (close to) 100% of the answer by, e.g., supplying the DAX solution code.

  • Hints should be action-based and not task-based. More info here.

  • The exercises follow the style guidelines.

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