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"Multiple Choice Multiple Answers" Exercises
"Multiple Choice Multiple Answers" Exercises

Learn how to create a multiple choice multiple answer exercise

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How does it work:

  • The multiple choice multiple answers exercise is a variation of the classic multiple choice question (with one single answer). More information can be found here.

  • The answer options appear in the same order as listed on Teach.

  • The feedback messages of the (wrong) answers will appear in the order the answer options are listed.

How to write good feedback messages:

Let’s solve the exercise below about geography.

If you make an obvious mistake and only select Brazil, the feedback message about Belgium will pop up. The feedback message of the second answer option doesn’t pop up until the learner gets the answer of the first answer option correct.

Because there is no visual clue (e.g., highlighting the wrong answer in red), you must reference the answer option in your feedback message. In the example above, Belgium is mentioned explicitly, which helps the learner to realize he or she made a mistake in his/her first answer.

Once the learner gets the first answer option correct, the feedback message of the next mistake pops up.

Good feedback messages and hints make or break a course. We generally don’t want to give the complete answer in a feedback message or hint (as we want the learner to think about the answer). However, a specific feedback message about an error in this exercise should help the learner understand his or her mistake and help correct it. It helps to write a specific reference to the error the learner made.

Note that the learner still needs to find the correct answer for the other answer options, which means you are not sharing the complete answer with the learner.

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