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Including Data and Images in Assessments
Including Data and Images in Assessments

How to use data in assessments

Written by Aimée Gott
Updated over a week ago

Data in Assessment Items

  • Should be small, test takers don't see it - aim for no more than 100 rows of data

  • Should ideally be simulated/invented

  • Can be reused across items, no more than 20 items

  • Must not be used in any other DataCamp content

  • Should not be commonly used e.g. kaggle data

  • Should always be imported in the pre-exercise code, if you are testing file import talk to us for examples of how we have solved this problem before.

Images in Items

  • Can be used in the context of an item

  • Should add to the item and not be used as decoration

  • Should be accessible:

    • Do not reference colors in the image

    • Make sure the font is readable on a small screen

  • If the image is a graphic, you should provide the data and code/instructions to allow us to recreate the graphic

  • Use standard markdown image syntax to include it in your context.

Uploading & Using Files

  • From the assets tab, browse and upload a file

  • Click the "Copy" icon, to the right of the file size

  • In the item/file that you want to use the file, paste the file path

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