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DataLab project Resources: Best Practices
DataLab project Resources: Best Practices
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The Resources section of a DataLab project includes links to DataCamp Resources covering the key techniques that are demonstrated in the solution code in order to effectively complete the project.

To find appropriate resources you can visit the DataCamp website and search for the content you want to include as a Resource. Optionally, once you have searched you can then filter the results by technology and/or for a specific type of Resource, e.g., Lesson (which is a video), Slide, Tutorial, etc.

Once you've found the Resource you want to include, copy the URL and paste into the Resources section of the Teach Editor and add the Resource Name and Type.

Examples of Resources include:

  • A video lesson. This may show learners how to perform a specific technique, e.g., grouping a DataFrame and calculating a summary statistic.

  • A cheat sheet. This will commonly include several functions or methods in a specific topic (e.g., data wrangling) or use a specific package (e.g., Plotly Express cheat sheet).

  • A tutorial. This walks learners through a concept or how to perform a specific technique, e.g., Python Iterators and Generators.

For an example of Resources, please see the image below:

To see these Resources you can visit this project.

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