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How to author Guides for DataLab projects
How to author Guides for DataLab projects
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Guides provide learners with information on how to approach the project, along with step-by-step hints detailing the techniques to use and syntax of appropriate functions/methods that can aid them.

Guides are authored in the Teach Editor. To start authoring, navigate to the Guides section and then select Add Item as shown below:

This adds sections to complete:


Short title to outline what the step is about.


Body description to include context as to why the step is there and how it follows on from the previous step. This should also include a brief description of what needs to be done here. Keep it concise but also descriptive enough that the learner can understand what this is about.

There should be one body per title and one body per hint (see below).

We then have a Hints section, which contains its own Title and Body sections.


Hints provide further guidance on how to complete the step. It can include things like functions, techniques etc to further help learners work out how to tackle that step. There can be up to 2 hints per step. Each of these include:

Title (Hints)

Very short descriptive one line that gives enough away about the hint that the learner can decide whether to use it or not.

Body (Hints)

The detail of the hint including different steps to things to try, code snippets, function guidance, how to check something etc. Should be in bullet point format.

When we preview the DataLab project, this is how the content we have written will render:

As a general rule, there should be one Title for each major step required to complete the project, and as many hints as you see fit to sufficiently support learners.

Please see this article for best practices in writing Guides.

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