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How to author the DataLab project Configuration
How to author the DataLab project Configuration
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The Configuration is a section in the Teach Editor that allows details about the project to be set up. The format is a JSON file, here is an example:

In order to complete the development of your DataLab project, you will need to fill in the following fields:


  • Provide a brief description of what the project involves (less than 150 characters).

  • This should be shorter than, and distinct from, the Description section in the Teach Editor.

  • This will render on the project landing page, for example, the description for Hypothesis Testing with Men's and Women's Soccer Matches is "Perform a hypothesis test to determine if more goals are scored in women's soccer matches than men's!".


  • This should be identical to the description field above.


  • The project title, written as a string inside double quotes, e.g., "Word Frequency in Moby Dick".


  • The skills that the project will have learners apply. The numbers represent the skill, where 1 is R Programming.

  • Choose 1-3 skills and add them, separated by a comma.

  • The full list is:

1: R Programming
2: Python Programming
3: Data Manipulation
4: Data Visualization
5: Reporting
6: AI & Machine Learning
7: Probability & Statistics
8: Importing & Cleaning Data
9: Applied Finance
10: Programming
11: Other
12: Case Studies
  • For example, a project covering Importing & Cleaning Data, Data Manipulation, and Data Visualization would have the values [8, 3, 4].

Once updated, simply save your project. You can verify these changes by Previewing the project after the latest build has passed.

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