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How to apply and audition to become an Assessment Item Writer with DataCamp
How to apply and audition to become an Assessment Item Writer with DataCamp

Get a step-by-step overview of the application and audition process for Assessment Item Writers.

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DataCamp assessment item writers are responsible for authoring questions or tasks that will be used in assessments across DataCamp. This could be short-form questions or longer tasks used for case studies.


  1. We first ask you to submit an application, here.

  2. A member of our recruitment team will review your application and if your background and experience are a good fit, you’ll be invited to audition with us.


  1. If invited to audition, you will be asked to complete a brief Take Home Test, where you will have the opportunity to display your Item-writing abilities. The Take Home Test also provides you with insight into DataCamp Assessments and Item Writer Tasks.

  2. The Team will then review and assess the submitted Take Home Test to determine if the provided work is in line with our Assessment standards and expectations.

  3. The final step, if selected to move forward, is to meet with a member of the recruitment team for a brief traditional interview (remote).

Below are some resources that you may find useful in completing the Take Home Test.


  1. Following the successful completion of the audition process, we will issue you a contract and coordinate training and onboarding.

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