Where can I find datasets?


Here are a few data sources to get you started.

Curated datasets:

  • DataCamp can provide access to the datasets curated by ThinkNum. Ask your Curriculum Lead for details.
  • For small, reasonably clean datasets, Wikipedia tables are excellent.
  • You can generate a list of CRAN packages that contain datasets using finddatasetpkgs. Use the following code:


Data sharing platforms:

  • CKAN is a data sharing platform. Some popular instances include,, and the European Data Portal.
  • Dataverse is a good source of datasets from academic papers. (Click the map on the home page to see specific Dataverse installations.)
  • hosts datasets directly and contains many (typically small) datasets.
  • Our world in data contains articles on the state of the world according to datasets, with links to the data used.

Governmental and NGO datasets:

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