I’m writing the transcript that goes along with my slides right now, but I’m not sure about the formatting. When should I use Markdown? What about LaTeX?

How do I add a way to denote a transition in my slide in my transcript?

The transcript should not be written with any special syntax; just in plain English. DataCamp videos are not standard presentations, where the script is used to guide the presentation along; the transcript will be used to generate subtitles, so it is of the utmost importance that what is written in the transcript is what is said in the video. The transcript should be written as the spoken word, which means that everything, including discussion of variables, functions, formulas, and lists should be written as you intend to say them. Furthermore, Markdown, LaTeX, and bullet points do not render in subtitles; students will end up seeing the formatting and not the formulas.

It is recommended that you include line breaks/white space in your transcript to indicate when a transition in the slide is to take place.

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