After the application process has been completed and a contract has been signed, an individual* that wishes to create a project will:

  1. Be invited to a private GitHub repository set up by DataCamp, which contains the project template, among other files. This template contains instructions for completing each type of project cell. You will first complete the remaining context and solution code for the project (the first three tasks were already completed in the application process). You will then receive feedback from DataCamp.
  2. You will then complete the sample code and instructions for the entire project. You will then receive feedback from DataCamp.
  3. You will complete the hints and tests for the entire project. You will then receive feedback from DataCamp.
  4. After all feedback has been implemented, DataCamp will send your project out for beta testing, and you will receive feedback from a handful of students.
  5. After beta testing feedback has been implemented, your project will launch and you will receive US$1,000 prepayment. For each project completion, you will receive a royalty that is 5% of that student’s DataCamp subscription (royalties are paid out within 30 days of the end of each quarter).

The estimated time investment for instructors is 10-24 hours, which depends on how well-formed the project idea is, how experienced you are as an instructor, etc. The estimated timeline from contract to launch is 6-8 weeks.

*  There can be up to two co-authors on a project.

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