1. Fill out the application form here. The prerequisites beyond subject area expertise for becoming an instructor are 1) you are comfortable working with Jupyter Notebooks, 2) you are comfortable working with Git and GitHub, and 3) you have completed at least one DataCamp project.
  2. If you are selected to continue in the application process, you will receive a Google Form via email requesting that you submit your idea for the project.
  3. If the idea for the project is approved, you will receive a link to a GitHub repo that contains an audition template notebook with detailed instructions. Completing the audition template means completing the @context and @solution cells for the first three tasks of your project. The content in the audition will be reused in the live project.
  4. If the audition passes, complete a take-home test (it is in the same GitHub repo) where you will create tests for sample tasks in a project. Instructors use the nose testing framework for Python projects and testthat for R projects to provide feedback on the code students write in a project.
  5. If you pass the take-home test, you will have successfully completed the application process and will be offered a contract and can begin the official project creation process.
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