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Learn exactly what happens when a course hard launches and the metrics to get there from soft launch.

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Even a thoroughly reviewed course can soft launch with subtle bugs that only come to surface once the course is being taken by actual students. Given this, it's critical to monitor the performance of your recently soft launched course and perform active maintenance on it. The soft launch phase is an opportunity to fix such bugs before we begin promoting the course to all of our students, or when we "hard launch" a course.

In order to ensure we only promote courses that are bug-free and high-quality, we use the following metrics to assess whether a course is ready for hard launch:

  • Number of completions: The course must have a minimum of 25 completions.

  • Course rating: The course must have an average rating greater than 4.3 / 5 (over the past 4 weeks)  

  • Completion rate: The course must have a completion rate above 25 (Over the past 4 weeks) 

  • Fewer than 5 exercises with an asked hint above 75% or asked solution above 50% over past 4 weeks.

Once your course meets these criteria, we will notify our marketing team that your course is ready for hard launch.

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