Student feedback can be a useful way to identify issues with your course beyond looking at metrics such as hint and solution rates. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of feedback.

In addition to reading what the student wrote, take a look at their submission by viewing their diff. This can help put their feedback in context.

  • For example, oftentimes students will report something vague like “The hint isn’t helpful.” By viewing their submission, you can understand what exactly they are struggling with, and consider whether the hint does indeed need revision.

Try to replicate the problem they describe.

  • Are they saying that a session is crashing, or the output is incorrect? Go into the course and see if this is indeed the case. This can help you to understand whether the problem is as they described, or something else (e.g. perhaps the output is correct, but exercise leads students to expect something else).

Look for multiple reports of the same problem/issue.

  • While on low-volume courses, even a single report can indicate something problematic, you can be more confident that there is indeed an issue if you see it reported multiple times.
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