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For SMEs: Learn about the different conceptual exercise types available and how to get started using them.

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A conceptual exercise tests (part of) the knowledge that was taught in the preceding conceptual video. For BI courses specifically, it should test something that cannot be tested in a remote desktop exercise. Currently, conceptual exercises can be multiple choice (MC), or Drag and Drop with one of three flavors: classify, order, or Parsons.

Multiple choice

Drag & drop exercises

Drag & drop: classify

  • Learners classify items from a list into groups by dragging cards from a stack and dropping them into the correct bucket.

  • It is possible to have two, three, or four buckets.

  • This is useful to test understanding of concepts, where learners need to link a certain statement to a particular concept.

Drag & drop: order

  • Learners order a list of items based on specified criteria by dragging them and dropping them in the appropriate position.

  • This is useful to test understanding of a conceptual process, where learners need to put different steps of a process in the correct order.

Drag & drop: Parsons

  • Similar to ordering exercises, but specifically for code snippets. Learners are presented with correct, but mixed up, lines of code and must put them in the correct order with correct indentation by dragging and dropping them.

  • This is useful to test conceptual understanding of code (e.g. calculated fields or DAX syntax), without the need of actually writing code.

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