Structure of BI Courses

For BI SMEs: Learn about the structure of BI courses and where to get information on each lesson component.

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We believe that students learn best when their hands are on the keyboard, working with data, and solving problems directly in Power BI. Consequently, our courses consist of short 3 to 4-minute videos separated by interactive exercises. Videos are intended to teach students the concepts necessary to solve the exercises that follow. A course is intended to cover a similar amount of material as a 4-hour workshop.

In a BI course, there are four chapters with two lessons in each chapter. The lesson is made up of the following exercise types in the following order:

    1. Multiple Choice or Drag and Drop

  1. A series of 3-4 remote desktop exercises (a.k.a. VM or Virtual Machine Exercises)

Please refer to the linked articles to learn about each exercise type, their guidelines, and how to create them. Additionally, all exercise types should adhere to our Style guidelines for BI courses.

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