Conceptual Videos for BI Courses

For BI SMEs: Learn about the role of conceptual videos in BI courses and best practices.

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  • A conceptual video’s script should ideally take up around 400-500 words (3-4 minutes). The shorter the better, however often more time is needed to explain core conceptual topics, e.g., the star schema. The upper limit is 550 words.

  • The video should cover terminology, the lesson's dataset, and business question. This is to help lessen word count in the exercises and demo screencasts. If you use the same dataset in your demo screencasts as in the exercises, you can keep the introduction to the dataset short. That way you can go revisit it in more detail during the demo.

  • The video should also motivate the lesson’s topic. Why is it important that students learn about this?

  • The video should tell a short story and have a logical flow. Be concise!

  • Keep it simple. Don’t assume the learner has knowledge of something unless it was part of a previous chapter or the prerequisite course(s).

  • The video should not walk through how to create things on the user interface. The demo screencast is made specifically for that.

  • Make sure to follow our Style guidelines for BI courses, including formatting for DAX functions.

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Other tips

  • You can use screenshots of Power BI or Tableau. but try to keep them to a minimum as the demo screencast is where you should focus on the software. It’s a good idea to increase the font size (20+) of your visualizations when taking screenshots.

  • Use animations to your advantage. It’s easier for learners to follow what you are saying when the full slides aren’t visible from the start. You can add animations by using numbers between {{ }}.

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