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Creating a Sample Lesson for BI Courses
Creating a Sample Lesson for BI Courses

For BI SMEs: Learn about how to create a sample lesson for the course spec process.

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During the course specs process, you will be required to build one complete lesson using the Teach editor. The sample lesson should be the same as the lesson submitted during your audition. This way you can re-work and add to material you’ve already created. Please keep in mind we have a 550-word maximum for Scripts. All Audition material is included in this 550-word limit.

A lesson is made up of the following exercise types in the following order:

  1. Conceptual exercise (Multiple Choice or Drag and Drop)

  2. A series of 3-4 remote desktop exercises (a.k.a. VM or Virtual Machine Exercises)

Why create a lesson as part of your course design?

It will:

  • Allow you to become familiar with the different components of a lesson and the format we’d like you to provide us with content.

  • Give you a better understanding of course scope (e.g., what can be covered in a reasonable amount of time, and what must be saved for a future course - compared to creating just a course outline.)

  • In combination, this will result in faster course development time, a more frictionless course development experience, and prevent roadblocks that arise out of misjudged course scope.

  • Our experience working with over a hundred expert instructors over the past 4 years has taught us that the most challenging part of creating a DataCamp course is in understanding the scope of what can be covered in a lesson (and, by extension, a course).

Whichever lesson you create, it is important to keep in mind the spirit of the sample lesson:

  • It is an important check on course scope.

  • It is an opportunity to acquaint yourself with the tools you will be using to build your course.

  • It is a chance to receive early feedback on teaching style to ensure you and DataCamp are aligned on course vision.

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